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Transforming Mobility

Together, we shape the future of mobility. Join us!

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Mobility is ever-evolving, driven by digitisation, societal trends and new modes of collaboration. We are fully committed to co-innovating for a sustainable future of mobility.

We achieve this through our team of expert advisors, digital tools, and operational services.


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We are crafting solutions for the future!

Traffic management requires smart and innovative solutions. For this, you need a partner who does more than just provide advice. You require someone with a deep understanding of the latest systems and developments, and the ability to oversee both implementation and operations. MAPtm has the essential expertise to elevate operational traffic management to the next level and manage the operations effectively. At MAPtm, our team consists of thoughtful individuals who have a keen understanding of practical day-to-day operations.

Wim Broeders - CEO MAPtm
Wim Broeders
CEO of MAPtm

What defines MAPtm?

MAPtm is an enthusiastic and driven knowledge club, composed of individuals who are passionate about innovation. We are pioneers in new ecosystems, unite stakeholders and bring fresh ideas to life.

Guided by our TOPIC values – Transparency, Openness, Purity, Innovative, and Creativity – we persist in staying at the forefront. High-quality service, sustainability, and innovation remain our key focal points.

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Our team

Get to know our team of MAP members, where passion, expertise, and conviviality come together.

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The MAPtm team